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Daily Routine

we Please note all timings are approximate, during the session the children have lots of child-initiated and teacher-led experiences which may mean timings are changed to accommodate.

9.00 until 9.15am
Children arrive and put their names on the “who is here today” board (self registration). We operate an “open door” policy at this time when parents/carers have the opportunity to talk to staff as well as settle their children. Children are free to choose from a wide range of activities.

The door is shut.

Free play with planned teacher-led and child initiated activities. In days of fair weather and when there are 4 members of staff activities are also available outside.

10.15-10.30am (flexible)
Tidy up time. Children work in teams to clear away all the toys!



everyone sits down and we sing our “Hello” song (which includes signing). We then have a short registration which provides a chance for the children to meet and greet peers and staff while supporting listening, social and mathematical skill


We sit together for snack.  Snacks are all “tooth kind” and usually include a carbohydrate choice alongside fruit, vegetables or salad. Milk and water are available to drink.

When we have larger numbers we operate  “rolling snack bar” whereby children choose when to have their snack (between 9.45am and 10.30am)

As children finish snack they remove their name from the snack board and sit on our "bug mat" with a book until all children have finished eating.


Where free-flow to the outside has not been available, children are taken outside with child initiated and teacher-led activities depending on the weather! When the weather makes it unsuitable for outdoor play the children enjoy gross motor activities indoors such as: parachute, ring games, tumble tots, obstacle courses and team games.


Letters and Sounds Activities  followed by getting ready to go home! Children are encouraged to independently find their belongings as well as any “art work” they may have completed

12.00pm - Home Time!


Lunch Club Days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Children sit down to talk about what they have enjoyed during the morning and think about what they would like to do next time they come to Playgroup.  We usually have a short adult led activity followed by us all sitting together to enjoy our healthy packed lunches.

Child-initiated play
Children are able to independently select activities that they wish to take part in. Children are free to choose extra toys from the trolleys throughout the room.


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